— The health and safety of our communities drives everything we do. We’ve developed a strong safety culture through a focus on people and innovation – creating efficiencies and striving for continuous improvement.

Our Commitments

Strong safety culture

Everyone at our organisation understands their responsibility for WH&S and actively engages in it.

Automating high risk tasks

Cutting edge technology allows us to mitigate risks and do our part to reverse industry safety trends.

Zero incident standard

While we acknowledge risks, we don’t simply accept them. For us, a job well done means zero incidents.

Open communication

From weekly Toolbox Talks to our Safety Share forum, we can respond quickly to safety issues in the field.

Mental health check-ins

Beyond R-U-OK Day, we hold regular team check-ins and create opportunities for support.

Team recognition

We reward and recognise those who uphold our standards and go above and beyond to keep each other safe.

Our Safety Motto

“the standard you walk past, is the standard you set.”

Delivering safer, smarter and more efficient railways

We’ve had three generations in rail to hone our technology and methods. We pass those benefits onto our clients with railways that truly perform.

Careers at Brimble

Whether you’re looking for a career in operations, management or engineering, we have a place for those with drive and a love for what they do.

Discover a rewarding career at Brimble.

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