About Us.

— Brimble is an Australian owned and operated rail maintenance contractor setting a new standard in track resurfacing. Our passion for innovation has resulted in custom machines that are safer to operate and help rail networks run with more reliability.

Our History

The story of Australian rail is one of grit, determination and innovation—a legacy the Brimble family has proudly carried for three generations.

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The Brimble family enters the rail industry

1948 – 1972

Ray Brimble started a lifelong rail career on the bridge and structure teams in Paterson, NSW. The family history continues with Toni Brimble and his brothers joining the labour gangs until they had an opportunity to join the resurfacing teams with the NSW State Rail. These are some of the notoriously hardest-working groups in the country’s history.

A family passion spanning three generations

1972 – 2013

Toni Brimble’s children, Dave, Justin, Rebecca and Bradley Brimble gain vast experience over the course of 20 years, working in various industries and specialities across the country. They learn the ins and outs of track resurfacing and gain knowledge few have in operating these machines as well as safeworking, training and leadership.

The Brimbles form their own railway company

2013 – 2017

The Brimble family puts it all on the line to buy their first machine. They recruited top-tier talent that had worked alongside them for many years and started the company with the vision to improve track resurfacing in Australia.

Brimble Rail makes a name for itself in the industry

2017 – 2020

Four years after its start, Brimble Rail amasses 30 specialist machines with custom-integrated technology which surpasses even some of the latest technology from leading manufacturers around the world.

Brimble Rail rebrands to Brimble

2020 – 2023

With continued industry recognition for their technology, now 66 rail machines strong, and years of successful projects up and down the Australian coast, Brimble sets its sights even bigger than rail – becoming a force in speciality engineering and being synonymous with innovation.

A legacy in rail and a promise for tomorrow.

— A family business dedicated to the pursuit of progress in Australian rail.

For over 200 years, rail has fought and forged its way to connect our great nation, track by track. Australia’s harsh terrain has not been easy on us, and together we haven’t always agreed on the right solution. The story of Australian rail is one of grit, determination and innovation – a legacy the Brimble family has proudly carried for three generations.

Formed in 2017 by brothers David and Justin Brimble, our company was born from the desire to push the boundaries of rail resurfacing technology to make Australian railways safer, smarter and more efficient for all.

We’re proudly 100% Australian-owned, and our technology is custom, developed right here on Australian soil. Underpinned by a strong culture of continuous improvement, Brimble technology has now become industry-leading and is relied on by railway operators coast to coast.

With over 100 years of combined experience in local rail construction and maintenance, we’ve learned that we are stronger together – passing down everything we know to create a future generation of rail experts and innovators.

Our people are our lifeblood. We go beyond the call to ensure each and every member of the Brimble team feels supported, inspired and cared for above all else. We believe in the power of a good idea and that it can come from anywhere in our organisation.

At our core, we’re here to be a driving force for the future of rail technology, while always holding true to the values and history that built us – a promise to honour the work of those who laid the tracks for our future.

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Steadfast in our commitment to safety.

We’ve developed a strong safety culture through a focus on people and innovation – creating efficiencies and striving for continuous improvement.

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